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Int. Yourself / Consultation


This private consultation is for women who are interested in learning more about how a private coach can help them begin their own personal transformational journey inward.  This introductory session serves as a starting point for learning more about the process of coaching, asking and answering questions, beginning to identify actionable steps, and building confidence that you are in the right place.

I will be your personal coach and guide, helping you to discover what a journey of integrating new empowering practices and habits into your life can do to set you free to light up the world around you.


Introduce Yourself / Consultation (:15-25 mins)

This Plan Is For You If:

  •  You’ve been feeling lost, unclear, unfulfilled and disconnected from yourself but you’re unsure what is causing it and how to get back to feeling good.
  • You struggle with self-love, and instead often find yourself criticizing and judging yourself rather than speaking to yourself in kind and empowering ways.
  • You find it hard to say No, implement boundaries, speak your truth and you find yourself giving away your time and energy to things that drain and deplete you.
  • You have a noisy, active mind which creates anxiety and overwhelm and makes it hard to hear your intuition and find clarity and answers with yourself.
  • You struggle to prioritize and make time for the self-care and self-connection practices that you know will nourish you and make you feel good.
  • You feel overwhelmed by your emotions and you find it hard to process them, or perhaps you feel numb and disconnected from your emotions and find yourself feeling nothing. You’ve at times struggled to create healthy, loving relationships with yourself, others (or a partner) that feel nourishing, balanced and supportive.

You don’t have to work this all out by yourself or walk this journey alone.

Coaching will speed up your progress and give you the support you need to have the change you desire. There is no need to be stuck in your head, while trying to solve your challenges alone.  It’s ok to ask for help.

I will be your personal cheerleader, guide, mentor and coach guiding you, supporting you, pointing out your blind spots and showing you a path forward with an abundance of love.

You will gain the personalized coaching tools, resources, practices and guidance to create the shifts that you desire and can continue to use throughout your lifetime.

And with this type of support, anything is possible.

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