Female Empowerment coach

Nikol Burton

Hello, I’m Nikol. I am an Empowerment Life Coach, Fitness and Nutrition Specialist, Speaker, and Author.

For the past 6 years, I have been working with heart-centred women from all around the world in my coaching practice and online courses, helping them to reconnect with their self-love,  strength, power, inner wisdom and potential.

Throughout this time, I have seen way too many gorgeous women experiencing a disconnection from their true self and life path.  Many have learned that it wasn´t safe to be enough as they are in their current life and environment.  They believed in order to be full in the world, they had to separate from their true self and develop a representative who would stand in for them throughout their life.

So, my mission has become to support women to reclaim their magic, power and self.  

In my work, I help women awaken their confidence towards physical self, while guiding them toward accepting and loving who they are. I empower them to feel safe so they can create a meaningful life that is led solely by their true self.  

I can help
you with

Private Coaching 1:1

Coaching Programs with Nikol. These are designed to reconnect with your power to deepen your relationship with self to live a more freeing life. These sessions include transformational guidance, habit-based nutrition / fitness programs, and the tools to live a lifetime filled with self love.

Group Programs

Group Programs offer a unique environment to combine both a personal journey with a community of like-minded souls to create change from the inside - out.

Online Courses & Products

A collection of Online Courses, Ebooks & Motivation Materials to help you practice the empowering self work you have committed to at your own pace and in your own time.

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