Let the Sunshine in.

Seriously, STOP for one moment; how is Spring already almost here?

It feels like yesterday that I was having a conversation about the incoming winter season. Just like that, daffodils are preparing to burst into their yellow glory, apple trees are covered in flower buds, and best of all – longer days are slowly sneaking in.

Let’s face it, as we move into April, our minds wander towards the summer months ahead – as  much as we want to stay in the present, it’s hard not to plan for that bikini and palm tree holidays.  It’s a great month to check in with ourselves and reflect on where we are with how we want to experience our life moving ahead?


As you sit at the cusp of shifting into the spring, it’s important to take a moment and reflect on the “wintering” season that is coming to an end.  Have you had an honest reflection on what’s worked and hasn’t  these past seasons in preparation to step up and transition into the next season? 

It’s no secret, science has found that people are more productive when they are actively reflecting on where they are, where they want to be, and what they are willing to commit to to become those desires.

The great thing about winter is that it allows us space to slow down, get cozy, embrace reflection, and create more space for what we want during the sunshine months. Over the last six months, I chose to disconnect and re-center myself with the truth about how I would like to experience my life moving forward.   I have asked myself hard questions and dug deep to unload some stories that I was continuing to myself.  I have been isolated in a truly magical setting and have been committed to doing some of the work to uncover several of my “limits” that have been holding me back.  I have used the power of nature and time to reflect on The 10 Elements of Self without distraction. I have been able to identify areas where I would like to experience more life in the season(s) ahead. I have journalled about my vision, created a plan with actionable steps, and have more clarity than I had before and during the winter season. This is the power of measuring your honest experience and self reflecting on what you truly desire. 


Not only is there productivity in reflection, but being immersed in nature has been a huge component for myself.  Let me start by sharing that I thought I was far more urban than any imagined kind of rural.  I didn’t expect to receive so much care from the environment I have spent the last year surrounded by.  The truth is, thankfully, I have witnessed the magic of consistent growth.  Nature is slow and meticulous in its 12-month cycle.  Leading up to spring, I observed how nature slowly prepared herself for a glorious debut of her new beginning.  Trees prepare to sprout and produce, the soil slowly awakens allowing growth to come through, birds frolic and fall in love, while humanity tunes in and does their part in supporting her transition – prepping for their own new beginning of production and preservation.  Summer offered an abundance of life and resources that provided us with bounty to nurious our family throughout this winter.  It is mind boggling how perfect nature is. Fall came and gave me, not only the beauty of an “ending”, but also showed me that nature continues to provide if you are willing to see what is being offered at the end of her cycle.  Winter settled in and nature stands naked accepting what comes her way, while maintaining her resilience for what she desires ahead – a rebirth into a new beginning… again.  There are many details in between each of these experiences that I was able to pull from, but the true magic came in accepting the truth about the importance of each stage of the cycle.  It is all necessary for the new to become – one step at a time – with no rush.

So, here we are again at the beginning of a new cycle.  The sunshine is set to show us her rays, promising an opportunity to enhance one’s productivity in the months to come. Why not use the lead up and spring as a time to focus on creating an action plan towards how you are allowed to choose to experience your life – more…   More joyfully.  More fully.  More energy.  More acceptance.  More lovingly.  More healthy.  More patient. More ALIVE.


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