FEARLESS is a strong word.  I love that when you put it in CAPS it becomes a really big word. This word will guide me throughout 2020. 

I was challenged several months ago when I began working my way through the  21 Day Journal Challenge.  Day one, I asked myself to define the past year in one word.  Without thinking too hard and just going with my first thought, Survival was the word that came to mind.  That was hard to write down and hear when I said it out loud.  Acceptance was a whole another experience that I was still trying to process.     

This year I wanted to choose a word that was powerful and challenging.  A word that I held myself accountable to on a daily basis.  A word that motivated me to live.  A  word that offered myself a platform to grow without excuses.  A word that would ultimately reclaim my dimmed spirit.

It has been such a long time since I have felt the freedom to move forward in my life, in my relationships, and in my career.  I have been holding onto what I thought my responsibilities were.  I was giving all of myself away.  All the while, literally, driving myself into the ground. While creating and doing this 21 Day Journal Challenge, I became aware of the cost of giving myself away.

 I gave away my care for myself, my creativity, my connection to those close to me, my space to grow, and my time to live. I have accepted those were choices I made in the past.  

Today, I am reclaiming myself, my power, my space, my connection, and my fearless spirit – FEARLESSLY.

I am excited to share this next segment of my life with you.  

I have worked with so many women and men over the years that struggle with “distractions and stories” to justify their lives.  I believe we all want to live in a space where we feel free to live well.  I believe many of us want to believe they have the power to live their lives filled with love, freedom, and support.   I believe we need to be given the opportunity to remember the power we have used in our lives to bring ourselves to where we are today.  I believe we need to remember to fear+less and enjoy the true journey we are meant to live.

If you had to choose one word that would define 2020 for you, what would it be?

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