Fearless = power

FEARLESS is a challenge.  It means doing something when everything inside of you says this is uncomfortable and scary.


FEARLESS is jumping in with both feet and going for it.  Do not question what will come next. 

FEARLESS is not thinking too hard about something and choosing to just move forward.  Make ONE decision that might lead to another and another. 


FEARLESS is looking a challenge straight in the face and not worrying about the consequences. 


Fearless is ….



When your palms begin to sweat, your mouth gets dry, and your head becomes flooded by thoughts of what if’s – this is the moment when you have given your power away to fear.  What if I fail.  What if I succeed.  What if I am judged.  What if I don’t care if I am judged.  What if I am not good enough.  What if I blow it out of the water.  What if it doesn’t happen quick enough.  What if I can’t handle the momentum of something? What if the door closes on my first attempt.  What if I cannot meet my basic needs?  What if those I love suffer? Well…  What if one thing does lead to another and everything works out as you imagined it to, but you can’t keep up?   Fear comes both in negative and positive form.


Since I was six years old I communicated with my parents that I would live on the other side of the world – no joke.  I remember the first opportunity I had to go abroad while in my third year of university.   Part of my program was to complete an 8-week internship in the field of study.  I FEARLESSLY threw a dart at the world map on my wall and committed to finding an internship in the place wherever the dart landed.  The dart landed in South Africa.  Disclaimer: I grew up in a white middle class city, where I had never had the opportunity to speak or interact with a person of color.  I had only been told what the media and my upbringing shared with me about other nationalities.  I went to the school library, the school admission counselor, and began to collect information about South Africa.  I visited a travel agency and inquired about airfare.  Who remembers STA Travel?  Those were the days.  I collected the information I needed to “ask permission” from my parents to go on this adventure.  Long story short: 


  • I was on my own with no support. 
  • I sent two emails to communication companies in Durban.  
  • I was invited for the internship by one of them.  
  • I bought a plane ticket.  
  • I received my passport.  
  • I packed my backpack.  
  • I boarded the plane.  
  • I landed in London.

This is where life began…. I had a 15 hour layover and had the opportunity to take one of those double decker red tourist buses I had seen in magazines growing up. 


Life changer #1:  History is far more real and alive when you can see it in person.  


I, then, landed in Johannesburg for 7 hours.  


Life changer #2: Tolerance and wonder for different cultures / food was born.  


I spent the entire layover tasting 20 fruit juices I had never heard of, all served by a very friendly man named Simba.  I finally arrived in Durban after 32 hours of travel to the other side of the world.  I exited the airport, no guide book, no hotel, and very little money ($300).  This  is where the “adventure” seemed to have worn off and reality was setting in… I was approached by a taxi driver who agreed to take me to Hotel California.  Funny, right?   


I checked in, entered my room, and began to cry – for hours.  This was the first time I experienced true loneleness.  The entire process was laced with fear.  Self doubt was a big player in this story.  However, not once did I relinquish my dream to fear.  I fearlessly discovered a whole new world that ultimately became the platform of who, where, and how I live today.  I experienced kindness, tolerance, compassion, love, adventure, culture, and most importantly the power of myself.  I was free.  I remember thinking at the end of this experience … I can do anything in the world.  A dream that had been born thirteen years earlier within my six year old self had finally come alive!  I learned, whatever my heart desires, I have the power to do it.  That is the feeling of FEARLESS.  That is the feeling I have invited into my life now, today, tomorrow, and everyday I get to live.  That is the feeling I invite you to choose to accept into your life. It’s that simple, the freedom of feeling anything can happen, and you FEARLESSLY have the power to do whatever you want with it.


It is more than just a word… It is a power.


When was the last time you were fearless?  What did it feel like?  What was the outcome?

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