Fall in Love with Uncertainty

One of the most challenging insecurities people carry on themselves is the fear of not knowing how their life events are going to unfold or if they are going to have the “right” tools they think they will need when the time comes to get through the different situations that will appear throughout their journey. 

Certainty is an illusion.  

Sit down and really think about it.  Is there ever a time in your life when you knew absolutely how something was going to turn out? 

Truth be told.  Even with the best preparation and the most authentic intentions, you cannot control all the magic that comes together to give you the adventure of a lifetime.  Almost everything in your life is subject to an external factor or factors that either harmoniously come together or not. 

When we worry about how/when/ or why things are going the way they are, we get lost in searching for an answer to solve what we think the problem is. Sadly, this clouds & narrows our view of the present moment.  It can even blind us from seeing what is truly meant for us to see. 

Opportunities are always presenting themself.

The moment we learn how to sit with ourselves, trust that whatever is going on in our lives is for the good of our personal development, that our needs will be met with patience, and  that there is beauty in uncertainty –  our awareness and perspective will expand.  This expansion allows for possibilities to come into our lives in the most unexpected and amazing ways.  Think about all the good that you have in your life.  Did you problem solve for those too?

I hear you when you say it is much easier said than done.  

I am not here to pretend I have this mastered, but I am here to share with you that there is a lot of power in letting go of the fear that our lives are controlled by.  Too often, it is within our own fears that we create the actual situations that arise.  Then, we shamelessly, point our fingers and look outward for someone else to be held accountable for whatever has gone “wrong”.  

Collateral damage, as I like to call it, is also a very real situation in exposing our personal fears.  These situations give us an opportunity to learn some of our most intimate and challenging lessons.  When I refer to collateral damage, I am referring to the “cost” of something at the expense of our own growth.

Sometimes tragic things happen to good people to give us the opportunity to learn something that we would have never been able to learn in a softer form.  I am still fogging on my feelings about why bad things happen to good people and what their individual lessons could be from those experiences.  However, from experience, I can see that sometimes (speaking for myself) it takes a very personal deep hurt to expose a certain opportunity for growth.

Call it hacking the ego or stabbing you where it truly hurts, but the lessons I have learned from these -outwardly- tragic situations have been some of the most freeing and life changing.   

Fall in love with uncertainty.

It is always present and as long as you are open to the possibilities of what could come from the unknown, it will graciously present many opportunities for you to explore. If you are only able to look through a one way lens, you will be limited to the view that is directly in front of you.  When you are open to receiving whatever may come from whichever direction, anything is possible.  Maybe everything is not presented right away.

Practice patience and with time things tend to become more clear. There is no finish line in life.  There is only the amount of acceptance and love that you are willing to carry to get you through each step, chapter, or season as you wander freely throughout your life.  I invite you to embrace the courage to experience what is for you in your life.



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