10 Life Changers for 2021

Most people can agree 2020 was a year of constant shifting, a lot of uncertainty, and a challenge towards everything we thought we had under control.   Globally, our lives were put on pause, many people’s life situations changed drastically, educating ourselves and juggling the new norm became an active part of our daily lives … all meanwhile trying to manage our real lives. 

On the flip side, if there was one thing that was positive that we could have taken away from this past year – it was time.  Each of us have been given a lot of time to reflect and adjust to whatever we were willing to be open to. I don’t know about you, but reflecting on what I had been pushing under the rug for years was all of sudden up front and center in my life. Many people around me talked about how they were being forced to take a closer look at the quality of their relationships.  Whereas, others were entering into a season of deep personal growth.  These have been front runners throughout 2020 – for better or worse – for a lot of people. 

As you say goodbye to 2020 and welcome in the new year I wanted to share with you my top 10 life changers throughout the year.  Take some time and reflect on these topics as you step into 2021.  Be realistic and be sure to take off those rose colored glasses.  This new year promises a lot of what last year brought upon us, but doesn’t mean we have to suffer the same.  How can we live better throughout this new year?

Counting down and stepping into 2021

10. Accept who you are.

You are perfect just the way you are. 

We are all one-of-a-kind and we all have one-of-a-kind lives and purposes. I believe that each of us are given extraordinary talents, genuine interests, and our own life experiences for a reason. 

This whole covid pandemic has given many people the opportunity to witness the raw truths about themselves. Some chose to pretend.  Some chose to hide.  Some chose to fight.  Some chose to ignore.  But, some chose to do the hard work, look themselves in the face, and chose to accept exactly who they are.

Throw out whoever was representing you throughout 2020  or any other chunk of your life and invite your true self into 2021.  She is far better than any of those stand in’s that we so easily welcome in our lives to live our life for us, ultimately robbing us of a life filled with empowerment and love.

9. Be inspired to bless others.

Having an outward focused heart brings joy and freedom.  Leading with love is LOVELY.

I hear you! Life can be tiring, messy, and at times take a certain type of courage – a courage that steps up and doesn’t run when things feel like they are falling apart. These past ten months have taught me and I’d like to believe a lot of people,  that loving people genuinely and in powerful ways is absolutely necessary. I find this is especially true when it comes to family and close friends.  

Many of us have been forced to look at the details of our lives up close and some of us have been challenged to make life changing choices because of those newly exposed details.  Use that experience to empower those around you.  Give them the blessing of care, the comfort in knowing they are not alone, and the wisdom to inspire strength within themselves to fill their lives with gratitude for the blessings they actually have, regardless if everything seems uncertain around them.

Lock-downs, social distancing, home schooling, financial hardship, curfews, and close proximity for more time than some desire… These experiences are no joke and we have all been through them, individually.  What personal blessings have you been able to pass forward to inspire others during this uncertain time to encourage others to recognize their own blessings?

8. Learn how to forgive.

Forgiveness is essential to being able to live free and well.  It is a powerful act that relinquishes your body, heart, mind, and soul from destructive emotions allowing you to fill those spaces with peace and grace.  So often people believe they are unable to forgive due to a belief that it dismisses hurtful or unacceptable acts.  Truth is, it frees you from the feelings that you have attached to those acts.  Even in the most difficult lessons or experiences, there is a valuable gift waiting for you to accept it.

7. Let go of Comparison.

You are worth celebrating.  There is no one else in the entire world like you and that makes you a rare species who should be celebrated.  I get it… it’s human nature to compare yourself to those around you – career, marriage, children, body composition, talents, personality, money… the list goes on.  But, how can you compare something that is incomparable?  Everyone is placed in this life to serve and learn their lives curriculum.  It takes a whole lot of courage to take the responsibility for oneself and one’s progress throughout their own life – even if this pandemic seems to have fared better with some of those around you.  

Take a closer look at the lessons that are placed in your life for you.  Let the others do whatever it is that they are doing for themselves and their lessons. Let go of your belief that you are or can be like someone else and grab onto the belief that you are here for your own greatness that is incomparable to anything else on the planet.  That is the truth.

6. Take back your power.

Being human is awkward.  Within the bazillion choices we make throughout our lives, self doubt and insecurity are often standing front line.  It is more natural to withdraw from a risky or uncomfortable situation, ultimately amplifying our limiting feelings of insecurity and  self worth – than it is to dive in head first and stare at that adversity head on.  

If you are honest with yourself and are able to put your finger on the place where your insecurity stems from, you can then focus on your powerful abilities. The more you utilize your personal power–by taking risks, fearlessly facing challenges, and acting precisely–the stronger your power will grow.

2021 tips to change your life
Live towards purpose

5. Live towards purpose.

OMGosh, wouldn’t it be great if each of us received an owners manual to our own life?  This topic can be very airy to someone who hasn’t had an experience with learning that you are on this planet for the sole purpose of your own personal service and life lessons.   Regardless of your experience, there are a few basics that can help you get on track.  Learn how to create healthy relationships.  Surrender to grief, sorrow, and pain.  Identify the steps it takes you to reach your goals.  Consistently, throughout your life, ask yourself what you want to be when you grow up.  As you navigate through these universal life skills, continue to accept the unique lessons that come into your life and guide your life forward. Make those lessons your manual, when you feel lost or overwhelmed, recall back on those lessons you have already overcome and use them to help you find your way towards your path.

4. Optimize your health.

You are obliged to care for your body, inside and out.  It’s the only place you have to live in for as long as you get to enjoy your time on earth.  Bottom line is, if you want to take part in this life for a long time … start caring for your overall health and wellness.  Lifestyle and consistent habits play a huge role in the overall longevity of your health.  Sleep, water, real food, and movement are the four main components of what keeps you well.  If you are more interested in adopting sustainable habits, try The Nutrition Plan – It’s not about diet, it’s about a plan that you consistently live through everyday. 

3. Learn what is possible.

There is nothing in our lives that can not be overcome with time, love, support, and attention towards the matter at hand. Though, at times, it feels like all options have run out.  It may feel like adversity has won.  The truth is that it is very possible your best option is veiled in your own self doubt.  Take a step back, believe in your capacities to create whatever you desire to be your outcome, and dedicate yourself to that resolution. You are the only person who limits your outcomes.  Whatever lands at your feet… time, love, support, and attention are there to guide you towards what is possible.

2. Focus on what matters.

Throughout the course of our lives what matters is very dynamic and ever changing.  As one becomes more in-tune with themselves and less in-tune with what is not inside of themself – the magic of this simple lesson becomes clear.  As you navigate throughout your journey, reflect often and revise all that is in your life.  Notice which distractions pull you away from what serves and fills your life well. Craft your priorities around the treasures that surround you – this is where you will find what truly matters.

This principle can be applied towards the time you spend day to day, the relationships you share, the habits you have, and the physical things that clutter life.  Every couple months reflect on each of these areas within your life, revise what each is occupied by, and adjust accordingly. 

1. Use money as a tool.

Money is not a goal, it is a tool.  Most people are groomed to have thoughts of wanting more money to do more and to be more.  The truth is that as long as you are chasing an idea that what you have is not enough the more stress you are constantly creating around many different areas in your life.  Money and the need for it is all around us.  Yes, and when we make that our goal – it will never be enough, regardless of what you have.  However, if you are able to adjust your mindset towards the idea that money is a means to an end, it makes the idea of anything possible.

Transform your life.

Turn your obstacles into opportunities.

Flip from fear to confidence.

Finally, let grace and love become your leading strengths.


Start the year by Letting Go of the Old.

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